Oak Valley Hospital District Election

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

(All references are to the California Elections Code unless otherwise noted.)

May 30


Last Day to Submit Resolutions of Calling Election

Final deadline for the governing body of a district, city, school or other political subdivision which requests a local election for candidates and/or measures to file the request with the county board of supervisors and the county elections official. Earlier filing dates are encouraged in order to meet printing schedules. §10401, 10402

May 30


Deadline for Filing Tax Rate Statement for Bond Measures

Last day to file Tax Rate Statement for bond measure appearing on the ballot. §9401

June 10/11

Oakdale Leader

Modesto Bee

Waterford News

Publish Notice of Election and Deadlines for Filing Arguments & Rebuttals

The county elections officials will publish a notice setting the deadline for filing arguments for and against ballot measures for special districts. This notice may be combined with the central counting place notice. §9316

June 18


Deadline for Filing Arguments

300-words arguments must be submitted by this date. §9316

June 25


Deadline for Filing Rebuttals

250-word rebuttals must be submitted by this date. §9317

June 26 – Jul 7

(E-61 to E-50)

10-day Public Inspection Period (10 calendar days)

Deadline copies of the measure, analysis and arguments are made available to the public for inspection. Any voter of the jurisdiction may seek a writ of mandate or injunction requiring any or all of the materials to be amended or deleted. §9380

June 27


First Day for Special Vote by Mail Ballots

First day military and oversea ballots available. §300, 3103

Jul 17


1st Pre-election Financial Statement Due

For the period July 1 to July 12 FPPC statement is due.

Jul 28 – Aug 16

(E-29 to E-10)

Vote by Mail Ballots to Voters

First and last dates to mail vote by mail ballots. §4101

Jul 31

Semi-annual Financial Statement Due

For the period ending June 30 FPPC statement due.

Aug 11


Deadline to Register to Vote in this Election

Closing date for registration in this election. §2101

Aug 12


Publish Drop Off Sites

By this date the elections official will publish in a newspaper of general circulation the drop off site locations. (Department procedure)

Aug 14


2nd Pre-election Financial Statement Due

For the period from July 13 to August 9 FPPC statement is due.

Aug 26


Election Day

Ballots cast shall be returned to the elections official no later than 8 p.m. this date. §4103

Aug 28 – Sep 23

(E+2 to E+28)

Official Canvass

The official canvass is to be completed during this time. §15301, 15372

Sep 23


Statement of Vote to District and County Board of Supervisors

The elections official shall prepare a certified statement of results of the election and submit it to the SOS, Board of Supervisors and the election district. §15372