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The following provides a brief background and responsibilities of the Stanislaus County Clerk-Recorder & Registrar of Voters.


The earliest known records in the Stanislaus area date to 1853. Stanislaus became a county in 1854. Stanislaus County clerks and recorders since the early 20th century include:

Years Name Title
1926-1930  Richard Waring Recorder 
1931-1965 Richard Waring Recorder
1962-1965 Steve R. Nelson Clerk
1966-1977 Steve R. Nelson Clerk-Recorder
1978-1981 Dwayne E. Lilly Clerk-Recorder
1982-1989 David Wurm Clerk-Recorder
1990-2001 Karen Mathews Clerk-Recorder
2002-2018 Lee Lundrigan Clerk-Recorder
2019-present Donna Linder Clerk-Recorder

Elections Office:

The Stanislaus County Elections Office is responsible for the registration of voters, maintenance of voter files, the conduct of federal, state, local and special elections and the verification of initiative, referendum and recall petitions. The office also conducts elections for schools, cities and special districts.

The Elections Office is in constant need of citizens willing to work at the precinct polling places on Election Day and/or willing to provide facilities as polling places. Payment is provided for poll workers and rental of facilities. If you can help, please call 209-525-5200 or visit the website.

County Clerk-Recorder's Office:

In 1989 the Board of Supervisors approved the separation of the County Clerk-Recorder & Registrar of Voters from Superior Court. Superior Court retained functions relating to judicial actions, procedures, and records. The Clerk Recorder retained the functions relating to marriage license issuance, the performance of civil marriage ceremonies, fictitious business name filings and indexing, qualification and registration of notaries and miscellaneous statutory issuance of oaths and filings. The office annually issues thousands of marriage licenses and processes fictitious business name filings.

In addition to being a Passport Acceptance Agent, the Recorder's Office is responsible for recording legal documents that determine ownership of real property and maintains certificates of birth, death and marriage records for Stanislaus County. All functions of the office are conducted under provisions of the State Constitution, State, Federal and County Codes. The recording operation in Stanislaus County serves the public and other County departments such as the Assessor, Public Works and Tax Collector. Documents on file are essential to the real estate, legal and banking communities and the general economy of the County.

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Donna Linder
Registrar of Voters
Clerk Recorder

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