Language Assistance

Our goal is strong participation in all elections. Stanislaus County strives to make participation as easy as possible. We want voters to know about the tools that are available to them and understand where, when and how they can cast a ballot.

Stanislaus County official ballots and election materials are printed in the English and Spanish languages, as required by law. For elections that offer vote centers, facsimile ballots in the Khmer, Punjabi and Syriac (Assyrian) languages are available.

At a vote center: Facsimile ballots will be available in Khmer, Punjabi and Assyrian at all voting locations. Vote centers open at least three days before each election, and the Registrar of Voters office also provides early voting. Voters who need assistance may bring up to two people to help them mark their ballot at a voting location.

Other options: You may request a facsimile ballot in Khmer, Punjabi or Syriac (Assyrian) by returning the language postcard mailed with your ballot. You also may call or mail, fax or email a request to receive a facsimile ballot by mail in Khmer, Punjabi or Syriac (Assyrian). Click on the link below for the form.

The elections official must receive the request no later than 7 days before Election Day.

Stanislaus County Registrar of Voters

Phone: 209-525-5201

Fax: 209-525-5802


CLICK HERE for a facsimile ballot request form.