Language Assistance

Engaging Voters

Our goal is strong participation in all elections. Stanislaus County strives to make participation as easy as possible. We want voters to know about the tools that are available to them and understand where, when, and how they cast a ballot.

New Limited English Proficient Voter Requirements

California is home to more limited-English proficient (LEP) voters and more immigrant voters than any other state in the nation. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 6.8 million Californians over 5 years old have limited-English skills.

Stanislaus County official ballots and election materials are printed in the English and Spanish languages. Facsimile ballots in Khmer, Punjabi and Syriac (Assyrian) languages will be available at Satellite Offices in Stanislaus County. Voters who require assistance may bring up to two people to assist them in marking their ballot at the Satellite Office. A vote by mail voter may call, mail, fax or email a request to receive a copy of a facsimile ballot in Khmer, Punjabi or Syriac (Assyrian) by mail. The request must be received by the election’s official no later than 7 days before an election.

For more information refer to the County Voter Information Guide and the elections website at

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