Presidential Primary Election Calendar

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

(All code references are to Election Code unless otherwise stated)

September 10, 2007


Governor’s Proclamation Governor issues a proclamation calling the election.

EC 12000

September 24


Decline to State Voters Participation Notice A political party may adopt a party rule that authorizes a person who has declined to state a party affiliation to vote the ballot of that political party for this election.

EC 13102(c)

October 9*


Publication of Selected Presidential Candidates (except Dems) The Secretary of State shall publicly announce and distribute to the news media a list of the partisan candidates (except Dems).

EC 6340, 6520, 6722

October 9*


Number of Delegates for National Conventions Determined/Announced The notification of the number of delegates will be sent to the Secretary of State.

EC 6020, 6023, 6320, 6321, 6540, 6541, 6740, 6741, 6744, 6745, 6763

October 23 – Nov 12

(E-105 to E-85)

State Ballot Pamphlet Contents Available for Public Inspection

GC 88006, EC 9092, 13282

November 15   11 a.m.


Randomized alphabet drawing conducted by the Secretary of State to determine candidate name order as it will appear on the ballot.

EC 13112 (c)

November 26*


Nomination Papers for Unselected Candidates/Delegations Deadline (except Dems)

EC 6360, 6581, 6791

November 29.


Certified List of Candidates/Delegates from SOS

EC 6180, 6950-6951, 6953-6954

December 3


Presidential Write-In Candidate Filing Period Opens

EC 6241, 6441, 6621, 6822

December 4


Publication of Selected Presidential Candidates and Nomination Papers due for Unselected/Uncommitted Delegations (Dems)

EC 6041

December 7


First day county election official may process applications for special Vote by Mail ballot requests (Military and Overseas Voters). 

EC 300(b), 3103

December 27 – Jan 26, 2008

(E-40 to E-10)

Between these dates the county shall mail the Sample Ballot Pamphlets to each voter who registered by E 29.

EC 13303

January 7 – January 29

(E-29 to E-7)

Regular Vote by Mail Ballot mailing and processing period. 

EC 3001

January 15


Presidential Write-in Candidate Period and State Pamphlet Mailing Ends

EC 6241, 6441, 6621, 6822, 9094 (a)

January 18


Certified List of Presidential Write-In Candidates Released

EC 6241, 6441, 6621, 6822

January 21


Last day to register for this election.  Postmarks are acceptable.

EC 2107

January 30 – February 5

(E-6 to E)

Special 7- day Vote by Mail ballots are available at the county election official’s office for those voters unable to vote at the polls on election day.

EC 3021   

February 5


ELECTION DAY    Polls are open from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m.

EC 1000, 1001

February 7 – March 4

(E+2 to E+28)

The official canvass of precinct returns shall commence and be completed during this time.  The county election official prepares a certified statement of results and submits it to the governing bodies involved with this election.

EC 15372

March 17


Statement of Vote Released by the Secretary of State

EC 15501

*Holiday, Saturday, or Sunday