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Stanislaus County
  • Election Calendars

Election Date
Burbank-Paradise Fire Protection District Special Election Aug 25, 2015 [PDF]
Consolidated District Election (UDEL) November 3, 2015 [PDF]
Gubernatorial General Election November 4, 2014 [PDF]
Gubernatorial Primary Election June 3, 2014 [PDF]
Consolidated District Election (UDEL) November 5, 2013 [PDF]
Presidential General Election November 6, 2012 [PDF]
Presidential Primary Election Calendar June 5, 2012 [PDF]
City of Modesto Municipal Run-Off Election February 7, 2012 [PDF]
Consolidated District Election (UDEL) November 8, 2011 [PDF]
City of Riverbank Special Municipal Election March 8, 2011 [PDF]
City of Hughson Special Municipal Recall Election August 24, 2010 [PDF]
Gubernatorial General Election November 2, 2010
Judicial Calendar [PDF]
Non-Judicial Calendar [PDF]
Statewide Direct Primary Election June 8, 2010
Judicial Calendar [PDF]
Non-Judicial Calendar [PDF]
Consolidated District Election (UDEL) November 3, 2009 [PDF]
Statewide Special Election May 19, 2009 [PDF]
Presidential General Election November 4, 2008 [PDF]
Oak Valley Hospital District Election August 26, 2008
Statewide Direct Primary Election Calendar June 3, 2008
Presidential Primary Election Calendar February 5, 2008
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